Regalia Gold Hotel
regal touch in your way




At Regalia Gold Hotel, the unforgettable mark remaining in the heart of guests is the infinity pool. This is a paradise right in the heart of the city, which is hardly observed at other hotels. The large-scale infinity pool is designed to include both adult and children areas, take advantage of all the views embracing the entire Nha Trang city and partially overlook the sea. Here, you will completely relax and enjoy to soak your body into cool water and admire all the views that seem to float halfway up to the clouds, and you will realize that your time here is treasured and complete in every second.


Opening hours: 6:00 - 22:00
Location: 40th floor

Kid Club

Built as an entertainment place for children accompanying their families, the Kids club is arranged in a spacious and colorful area where games stimulating kids' creativity and intelligence are available. Parents will be completely assured of what we bring to their children.


Opening hours: 08:00 - 20:00
Location: 40th floor
Area: 57m2